Text Box: Outback Queensland Natural Mineral Water
Alkaline with a pH of 8.6

You have now found The genuine article on water.
FACTS about our Health Medicine Alkaline Mineral Water
Alkaline mineral water comes from the Great Artesian Basin in the outback of Queensland in Australia.
The water rises naturally under its own pressure at Wyandra from 592 meters deep within the earth and bottled at its source. 
It contains many more minerals and essential trace elements than Spring Water.
Our labelling advertises and promotes the fact that the water produces Life and Energy.
With an Alkalinity pH of 8.49 to 8.7 it is obviously going to help balance acidity and thus produce Life.
It contains:-  Silica for nails, hair and skin 26mg/L 
Bicarbonates for digestion 280mg/L 
Natural Fluoride for teeth 0.5mg/L
Small portions of chloride 6.7mg/l and sodium 81.1mg/l and sulphate 15.4mg/l and calcium 8.1mg/l and carbonate 8.68mg/l occur naturally in the water.
Trace elements of iron, manganese, zinc, boron, and copper.
It is micro-filtered for your protection.
Alkaline mineral water conforms with the Australian National Standard for Organic Produce and is registered with BFA.
Alkaline Mineral Water
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?Within 2 weeks of taking Life mineral Water I noticed a big improvement in my reflux. I no longer needed to take drugs for acid burning. Burning with passing urine went away. None have returned.? Mrs Sheryl S. Brisbane


?I have been drinking Health Medicine Mineral Water for 6 months now and have been amazed at how many comments I?ve received about how healthy my skin looks.?

?Kerry B. Brisbane


?I had bad Acidity from Heredity. Also I had crippling arthritis in the? knuckles of both hands. Since having a balanced pH the arthritis and pain has gone and subtlety fully? returned.?? Kate B. Brisbane

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Text Box:  This site is God?s gift to You.
Here is why.
You have been drawn to this site because the Father knows that our bodies must be pH balanced as far as water, comprising 70% of our body, is concerned.
You may not realise that cancer cells flourish in an acid based environment.
Having a balanced pH allows the healing nature of the body to take over and so ?heal itself?.
Most people have a saliva pH of 5.5 to 5.8 VERY ACIDIC. Ideally your body needs a pH of 7.4
You are going to need 3 to 6 months to correct this situation, so start on Alkaline Mineral Water NOW.
Text Box:  Health Medicine Alkaline Mineral Water is 
Micro-filtered Water with a safe shelf life.

This mineral water requires NO chlorination or de-chlorination, NO ozonation, NO ionization,
And NO ultra-violet treatment.
Our Alkaline water is free of bacteria, mercury, dissolved solids and all other nasties. All other waters will grow bugs over time, which is why our bacteria free status is so important.
It goes through micro-filtering to remove impurities. No chemicals or gases are used in this process.
Acid water is below pH7, Alkaline water is above pH7, The blood should be maintained between pH 7.35 to pH 7.44. Acidosis is related to over 200 diseases.
 When you drink our ALKALINE MINERAL WATER you will find every bottle gives life energy because it will naturally tend to balance your acid biased body so it can function correctly. 
The Alkalinity does not dissipate over time as it would if artificially generating it, because it occurs naturally.
It is filtered in our bottling process  for your safety. The result is a premium quality with a safe shelf life. 

Text Box:  Health and Medicine Effects of
 Natural Alkaline Mineral Water

Improved after effects have been reported  regarding:-
Weight loss, 
Alkaline mineral water aids digestion and neutralises acids stored in fat cells. These acids are then released as harmless salts and eliminated, causing the fat cells to shrink.
Healthy Medicinal Alkaline water has many minerals which help to balance the pH. Its works quickly with a 90% uptake before digestion takes place, and improvements with arthritic conditions are common.
Neurological Disorders, 
Alkaline water is a natural product with ionic minerals being absorbed and passing through the blood brain barrier and neutralising acids that may be causing neurological problems.
Natural Healthy Medicine like Alkaline mineral water helps neutralise acid and improves peripheral circulation which is a major problem with diabetics.
Heart Disease,
Alkaline mineral water used regularly is able to combat acids in the body. We are told to exercise and eat healthy but find it hard to do, so this water will more readily help the body heal itself, including heart disease.
Alkaline mineral water removes acid from your body, causing overall life and health to improve with your digestion of food thus releasing the thyroid to act more quickly and naturally speeding up your metabolism rate.
Alkaline mineral water removes acid build up that has been overloading the liver and kidney functions  allowing improved kidney function. 
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What do we deliver?
Now don?t get fooled by web sites offering alkaline sachet water. The Alkaline starts dissipating immediately after mixing with water. Tap water is hopeless and distilled water has no minerals. Use our Natural Alkaline Bore water for life and energy long lasting results. It still works at the micro level.
Your order is processed FAST and couriered the same day to your location anywhere in Australia, thus ensuring you get door to door delivery of natural life and energy giving Alkaline Mineral Water.
The bottle size is 600ml in cartons containing 24 bottles as an order, 
Or 1.5L bottles in cartons containing 12 bottles as an order.
A carton is called 1 Piece.
All of our orders are delivered by Hunter Express who created the e-go site.
We do not ship to customers outside Australia.
Insurance is not included. 

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Drink Natural Health Medicine Alkaline Mineral Water

NOT Spring Water BUT Genuine Mineral Water!

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