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Testimonial:- I make Colloidal Silver for people in my village in the Solomon Islands who are waiting at my door as early as 4am for what they call ?Miracle Water?. Why do they come back for more? Because they use it externally on wounds as well as for colds etc, and they say it works.!!

Pastor Levi

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Text Box: I?ve heard Colloidal Silver is good for colds!
Why not just buy it at the health shop?

Well, its like this. You can!. But we are all about economy. You need to buy 200 bottles before one set of probes needs replacing in our colloidal silver machine. i.e. $5,000 out of pocket! Yeeps, maybe I should raise my price! 

Does Colloidal Silver really do anything?

We can not say what we would like to say about the potential health benefits of colloidal silver, as regulatory authorities world wide restrict that information almost totally. 
English Royals have used it for centuries while traveling around the world, to lessen the chance of catching something from all the people they have contact with, hence their title ?Blue Bloods?, as silver can harmlessly tinge the blood a blue color. Now is you chance to copy the ?Royal Health?.
Many web sites indicate that Colloidal  Silver has an effect upon 360 major diseases in the world. 
And get this: Silver is also leading a revolution in technology and medicine.
The white metal's unique bacteria-fighting qualities are becoming more and more critical in healing conditions ranging from severe burns to Legionnaires' disease.
In fact, the most powerful treatment for burns is silver sulfadiazine, which is used in every hospital in North America to promote healing and reduce infection.

Even if you can?t find pure distilled water
This Health Generator Kit helps you out.

When you own one of these very advanced models of colloidal silver generators, you will be able to make up high quality colloidal silver for only a  few cents that you would other wise pay $40.00 or more per 250 ml bottle!

It has a sophisticated current limiter circuit that allows good generation even when using non distilled water.

This 240Volt model will work also on a 9volt battery (not supplied). So even on that hiking trip you will be well protected from catching a cold.

Isn?t it complicated and messy
 making my own Colloidal Silver?

NO, IT?S SIMPLE. Plug in two silver rods, place over a glass of distilled water, plug in the power and in 8 minutes you have made a glass of healthy colloidal silver.  

When do I personally use it?

1. At night. 
        All those nasty germs seem to start in the throat so a shot of colloidal just before bed is real great for waking up germ free. Make the shot less than a quarter glass, and you only need to take it when you feel a cold coming on, or a sore throat. I certainly don't need it every day. 
It works best as a preventative, But if I have a running nose, then I may have to snort some up each nostril to stop the running.

2. When Travelling.
Its hard to find good distilled water when traveling so I always generate a batch and condense it down for taking with me on my overseas trips. 
That way I only use a teaspoon of condensate in a glass of water per day. You can condense it simply by microwaving the surplus water away from 3 glasses down to about 10mm of condensed fluid in a jug. 
It is best to store this condensed fluid in a dark glass bottle and NOT in the fridge to help keep the positively charged ions repelling each other. Sun or other plastics cause breakdown and allow clumping together of ions.

What about the 
Dangers of excess
Colloidal Silver in our bodies?

The latest scares say that silver is a dangerous heavy metal. Of course it is! BUT not this unit because this generates quantities in the 2 to 8 parts per million category. This is variable by you but factory set at 5ppm. If the scares were true, why do doctors put silver rods into nasty wounds before they stitch them up. To kill bacteria of course. They remove them later when healing is accomplished. In fact the doctors now give you silver lining to put under wound dressings. PS You would need to ingest from 2g to 30g of pure silver to die. See web site.>>

The original makers tested colloidal Silver by drinking a full 5 litres of generated silver at one time. It was reported that the only effect it had was that the two lab staff did not get any colds over the next 3 year period.
Colloidal Silver GeneratorText Box: Worlds Best Colloidal Silver Health Generator Machine
Text Box: To what countries do we deliver the Generator?
-To all countries.

Freight is included within the price.
We use Australian Post Express International air courier.
Insurance is not included. 

How to Order and Pay for the Colloidal Silver Machine

What do you get? You receive the generator PLUS two silver diodes good for about 10,000 charges.
Also a 240v AC charger or power pack delivering 9v dc. Requires a separate 9V battery.
PAY BY PAYPAL. (Visa or Master Card). Even if you don't have a PayPal Account.
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Why put up with Colds and Flu? -

Colloidal Silver Health Generator