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Text Box: How to increase Car Fuel Mileage?Water Hydrolyser
Text Box: Click Below, to Receive your own instructions for Boosting your cars mileage.

How do I get the Instructions?

1. Simply pay my overheads of? $14.99? by clicking on the link below to get the e-book PDF file of abbreviated instructions.

2. Print out this file for your own use.

3. You are not allowed to on sell these instructions.

4. You are allowed to build as many units as you like for free, and even on sell the units you produce.

5. The construction materials required are fully documented and sourced from your local stores.

What is on OFFER?

1. I got ripped off in my search for Free Gas. I was so peeved off that I made my own version of a Booster and are now offering the working design to YOU.

2. Hence this is my comeback at the Rip off Artists who offer web site dis-information so you can?t be independent of those big oil companies.

3. This page will give you a PDF file to download and print as a master for you to follow as you make your own Hydrolyser.

4. It is time You took charge of your own destiny and forked out the small sum required for construction.

5. The cost of materials is not a lot considered you should make it back within a few months of car usage.

6. So I am NOT offering the UNIT made up, BUT I am offering you a chance to make your own unit, and even on sell it!

Text Box: How does a Hydrolyser work?
I show you how to construct a unit to break down water into its components of Hydrogen and Oxygen.
Not Dangerous: This Booster or Hydrolyser or Hydroxy booster will operate to produce Hydrogen on demand when the Car is switched on. This means the gas is not stored, which would otherwise provide a dangerous environment such as is required for Full Water Cars, but simply produced on demand.
Location: It is about the size of a second battery. It is added under your car bonnet and does not need any car engine modifications. 
The Process: When an electric current is passed through the water, containing a conductive additive, it produces a gas mix commonly referred to as hydroxyl or HHO. This mix improves the quality of the burn inside the combustion chamber, while reducing CO2 and other harmful emissions.
The HHO is simply added to your air intake duct by vacuum.
Henceforth your car will run on Gasoline with the air now containing part HHO gas.
More Mileage: The percentage improvement is an unknown factor and is different for all cars. We show you how to retune your car but we promise no specific % increase in mileage.
My car using this system has increased mileage by 26%. That is right! by almost one third. That means I travel 1/3 more kilometres on one tank of petrol than the bloke next door, than all the blokes in my city!
In Practise: The testing has been over 9months with both town and highway driving. The unit requires topping up after about every 200KLM. After 6 months you will need fresh electrolyte as tiny particles of rust will come from the best steel plates.
The design is a hybrid of the best features from many units I have studied. For instance a safety bubbler is a must, and the plate formation minimises Heat with the smallest current draw down.
Future Adjustments: I am including an automatic refill by drip feed mechanism to avoid the manual top up requirement.
I would love to see the unit at work under the bonnet while driving. My plan is to add a flexible camera to view Amps, Top up drip, and Bubbler at work from inside the cab.
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Text Box: Click the ?Buy now? button to get your detailed Instructions
 on how to Build and install the Hydrolyser.
After payment a window will open to download the e-book.
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