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Dramatized Daily Readings and Faith Teaching

Pastor David Hogan has taught faith around the World and expounded many of his exploits in various public meetings. These meetings have been divided up into exploits which follow after each chapter of the Bible.

Some of these exploit photos can be seen on his web site, while I provide the IPOD by ordering below.

Royalties from this work go to the ?Freedom Ministries? organization in Mexico to help spread the word.

Text Box: BIBLE IPOD ready for the car

On behalf of Pastor David Hogan, we have now produced the fully dramatized NKJV of the Bible on Audio that will transmit on the FM frequency band direct to your car Radio and so played on the in-car stereo system. Now you can avoid those long tired and boring trips by having the Bible playing in the car. Or like David you can have the WORD playing 24/7 in your home. Because as He says, Faith comes by Hearing, and Hearing by the Word of God.

This is designed with each chapter of the Bible paired by an exploit of David Hogan. Thus it encourages faith, by also providing a daily Bible listening plan. Why not consider this a gift to someone you care about. You can purchase with direct delivery to their home. This will be a precious gift they will cherish.

The IPOD is available by ordering below on this page. Only when Available?NOT YET.

The system is designed 
as a Daily set of Bible Readings
Where by playing 4 chapters a Day 
you will listen to the whole Bible in one year.

However the really exciting part is that the old testament is played in the sequence of time in which it occurred. Thus you have continuity in chronological order when events actually happened. Also Psalms is selected with Proverbs such that one chapter from this group is played each day, meaning that you will play 2 chapters of the old testament and 1 of the Psalms/Proverbs group and 1 of the New Testament each day. The New Testament receives more emphasis and is played twice in a year.  Within the New Testament the gospels are spread apart among the epistles to avoid repetition.

Playing these on long voyages makes time really fly. The time to play 4 chapters is approximately 25 minutes, which should be easy in your car, especially on gridlock days!. Just hit the pause button at any time. You can always restart where you stopped last time.

Exploits by David can sometimes cover more that one chapter, and are thus arranged in sequence of playing so that continuity is maintained. If you were wondering how the exploit is going to end, just hold your excitement till tomorrow when you will play the next thrilling episode of faith.
Bible Readings of Pastor David Jackson

Pastor David Hogan

Special: You hit the Jackpot!! FREE CD DOWNLOAD.

?This special offering is a CD on Tithing, by David Harney,? it will ?Blow your socks off?! As the Bible Car Player is not yet into full production, while waiting,? get this CD. Transfer takes 2 hours, then Burn your FREE CD.? Click here for ENGLISH version CD? on ?Sowing Seeds??

Special:? BONUS. Pastor Dave Roberson has put together a beautiful eBook called ?The Walk of the Spirit?The Walk of Power.? It is about Speaking in Other Tongues for the believer.

This eBook is free on his web site, while I provide the equivalent in Audio form when you order below. Yes that is right! You are getting a 2 for 1 offer.

Download Bible Readings for the Ipod

Testimonial: I have played the unit in my car and it is very clear. It is exciting to listen to David?s exploits spoken by a ruff man yet so sincere.? My personal faith can do nothing but soar to new heights when listening to this version of God?s Word. It has given me an extra boost to have an exciting time in my daily bible listening.

PS I love the Bonus Audio about ?Speaking in Tongues? and it has dramatically unfolded my understanding of the personal gift, God gave to me.? W.R.C. Australia

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Text Box: On behalf of Pastor Dave Roberson, we have now produced a set of Audio files on USB  which are played on the same FM Car Modulator supplied.

Computer Generated Voices
are natural sounding
as they talk to you about the
Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. 

An interesting point is that they are computer generated voices that sound so real you would think they were a real person speaking. Of course you would expect no lesser degree of competence from top of the range AT & T voices.  

The USB stick is a 1GB stick with 15 chapters of the E Book. Each Chapter is divided up into its various sections with each section constituting an MP3 file. The reason for this is so that you can stop and restart on small sections of the whole Book, without the inconvenience of re-playing a whole chapter. The FM transmitter has stop start buttons on it to facilitate the required frequency to match your car and for restarts.

	1. An IPOD with preloaded data.
		A. Daily Bible readings
		B. Tongues teaching

	2. Earphones for walking

	3. Car cigarette lighter Power / Recharge

	4. 230v to 12v power adaptor for Play or Recharge

	 NOTE: The IPOD plugs into your car Steerio.
You Need to supply a 12volt car cigarette lighter to plug into, and an FM car radio to play.
Else just play it through your IPOD.

In Value you have 8GB of Bible of priceless worth, PLUS
500KB of EBook of extremely valuable information for seeking Christians, PLUS
The FM Car Modulator utilizing your expensive Car steerio system, PLUS
Bible teaching which is priceless, all for a full price of just $68 

Freight and Postage for the Bible IPOD

It will be posted from Australia FREE to anywhere in the world. 
It will be dispatched as economy class express airmail and should take no longer than a week for any destination. 
Insurance is not included. 

Order the Bible IPOD and Pay in the following manner. 

PAY BY SECURE PAYPAL. (Visa or Master Card) Even if you don't have a PayPal Account.
The name appearing on your payment will be ?Reigning1?. 
We will send you a receipt confirmation by email. Be sure to include your address.
The price for USA clients will convert down from this Australian price. 

Click Here to download Free A test set  of Audio files only on ?Speaking in Tongues.   
	Click Below to pay A$68

      For Your Bible IPOD Package.

Order is via a secure link. Product is not available yet.

Bible IPOD with "Daily Readings" and "Faith Teaching"

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