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?The Voice of the Turtle Dove?

This E-book  is like ?Two Listeners?, the daily devotions of two ladies who got together and documented what they felt the Holy Spirit was saying to them.
In my devotions I have collected some words the Holy Spirit has spoken to me. 
?His Word shall not pass away.?

The Voice of the Holy Spirit 
lives within the Believer.

There is no more joy to the believer than to listen to the voice of the Father as spoken by the Holy Spirit.

This work is just that. We have added the relevant scriptures applicable to each word spoken, so you can check out whether they confirm the words of the Bible.
The ability to listen to the Holy Spirit resides in every believer filled with the Holy Spirit. (If that is not you, then try our ?About Us? tag at the top of this page first.)
This method of listening to the Holy Spirit is sometimes called journaling.

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Listen to God's voice
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