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Roy at work.

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Life is easy on the River,

When Jesus steers your boat.

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I am dedicated to telling the world about Jesus and the good things He has provided.
I know nothing lasts forever, but I have found there is someone who does!
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This site will show you how to live forever!

This site offers products we found necessary in running our own lives. Also products of Health that we swear by. So often we run after the elixir of a long life, but below we show you how to receive Eternal Life, how to live forever!
Please take life a little more easy, relax and enjoy all the good things God has done.
It is a process, Please go step by step
God Blesses those who follow his advice as written down in the Bible:-
1. All have sinned and come short of His Glory. Recognize it only takes ONE lie to make us all sinners. Have you ever told one lie? God is a Holy God and will not tolerate the lies of the devil. Sin is bound for its judgment of death thus taking us with it. We deserve eternal death, BUT God has given us a way out. He loved us so much that He gave His only son Jesus, to die on a Cross, to take away my guilt and shame and spiritual death, and give us instead eternal life.
2. Repent to God, who knows what you have done, but is waiting for you to take responsibility for it. Say out loud, I acknowledge my sin, I take responsibility for it myself and am sorry for blaming family, others and the devil. I ask for your mercy and grace to forgive the way I have lived my life. I Repent of Fear, and bind it to the Cross.
3. I Accept that God has given me Jesus death on the cross instead of my own deserved death. I now Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. I now renounce and give up all my other Gods, and accept Jesus as the true Lord of my life.
4. I Ask you God to accept Jesus sacrifice of death for me, and ask you to wash me clean by Jesus blood. Thank you for saving me from death, and for providing the healing of my body, by taking my curse upon your body on the tree of death.
5. I Ask you Jesus to fill me with your Holy Spirit to enable me to die to self and live in your cleansed life. I receive your gifts by faith, and believing in what you have done.
6. I will Read the Bible as your guide for my life, and fellowship with other Believers. Thank you for hearing my prayer.
Your new Child of God
Please print this out, to remind yourself what you have done.

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