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OK, Now we set our Hearts on Living in the Kingdom

1. We enter by humility, admitting our ways could use some adjusting.

2. Although Money belongs to Egypt, Hagai2:8 says Gold and Silver and Cattle on a thousand Hills are God’s. So there is no money in heaven and God can’t give it to you if you ask for it. However the Holy Spirit gives us ideas to gather the fragments and leftovers of money.

3. If we have received the Holy Spirit into our lives, then we have the Godhead living inside of us, and we have HIS FAITH for HIS GOLD Kingdom.

4. Pray in tongues daily, clothing yourself with HIS Golden Faith in your Gold room (Matt6:6) as you pray for financial direction.

5. In the Bible, Silver means an adornment of the Gospel. (Ex35:5) Silver Faith is a Giving that Adorns Gods work. Normally its our tithe. He must tell you who or what this 1/10th is to be planted to.

6. In the Bible, Gold means Faith of the highest order. We are told that to seek Wisdom (Jesus) is better than Gold (1Peter1:7). Gold Faith then, is planting that seed offering which He has told you to do. (not what you think up)

7. Jesus Kingdom Rules for finance will include 2 things, Normal Tithing, and Faith Offerings. Knowing that in proportion to that we give, we receive.

8. Now living in the Kingdom means we must dedicate to Jesus what we have. This is how I do the faith offerings. I write down my need. I pray and bring it to Jesus and ask what offering he would like (1/10 money or something else) and write that down. Then I lay hands on the offering, and speak out that it is now consecrated to Jesus Kingdom and His laws.

9. We are to pray with Authority taking our offering out of the kingdom of darkness and placing it into the kingdom of light. Stay praying until you SEE your answer . I put my answer on my completed Table of Feasting.

10. Once we SEE our answer, our Heart is in line with our Head and we can now believe. We then sow the offering we have consecrated.

11. Watch the offering on the Table (or whatever) glow blue with anointed faith. Now its Kingdom money and under His charge and protection. Sown like that it MUST produce new kingdom fruit. We now enter our Sabbath rest.

12. Of course if my need was to open blind eyes then I am sure He will not tell me to sow money but something else I have.


God has told us how, but we fouled up the giving part!

1. Evangelists tell us to give money and prosper. Money belongs to Egypt (Mark12:15-17), it is not in heaven, so God can’t give it to us if you ask. You are supposed to do what Jesus says, not what evangelists say.

2. The Church tells us to Tithe, which is one tenth of our income given to the church. But that only protects our finance from the enemy and does not actually build our finances.

3. Pastors tell us to give to the church Building Fund, which is Control by Man. But Kingdom living, gives to Jesus.

4. Business Men say to Give in advance or anticipation of receiving Income, using Faith. This is wrongly living on Tomorrows income.

5. The main reason all of these can be wrong, is because our eyes were not on Jesus. With eyes off Jesus we are NOT living in Jesus Kingdom.

Text Box: Knowing where we went wrong, paves the way to Blessing
We have been brought up in a world system that has to be left behind if we want to enter Jesus Kingdom on Earth. 
The LAW of Tithing has passed when Jesus destroyed the Law, tore down the vale, and made a way to God. Faith now replaces Law. Tithing still retains its position of being Gods anyhow (Lev27:30), so tithing is available by faith and puts a fence of protection around your finances.
We are to Live by Every WORD of God, not by what men say. So “Building Funds” are OK, IF Jesus tells you what to do.
Abundant Kingdom living has a set of rules and works by law of those rules. You break some of those rules and Jesus Kingdom on earth will only work partly for you. We explain the rules below.
God says His Name is “I Am”. This means the Present Tense. Live in the Future (Tomorrow) and you worry, which is sin. Live in the Past, and you are saying “I tried faith and it didn't work”, which is sin, repent. The only place you can live is Today, the present tense. Here you are safe and God says He will supply All your needs. 
We are told by the Word to Tithe our Increase. (Deut14:22). Some say to tithe on our Gross (before tax) but I hold to the word that I am not Increased by my tax, and therefore tithe on my Net. Gross tither’s will tell of their blessing, which is natural, because God honours their faith, still it is not exactly His Word.

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Now a few rules to Get out of Debt

1. Seek Jesus Kingdom. As explained above.

2. Stop using Debt. Even if you borrow money to build a church, you are still breaking Romans 12:2 which says don’t be conformed to the patterns of this world. If possible Mortgage costs plus 5% should be paid back regularly, proving your good stewardship. Do anything to save that Interest cost.

3. Cut up your credit cards if you are either tempted or cannot pay off everything each month. Cut your bridges. Die to self. Bigger bargains are around the corner. We do not go outside our weekly or monthly Income. To do so would be sin or outside of todays wage

4. Give or sow generously. The Bible way to Get, is to Plant the same seed as the product you want, Luke6:38, giving money is the market medium for what you have believed.

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