Text Box: How to Protect Your Offshore Trust Deed
Text Box: Now, you have come across a very enlightened Web Page! 
Did You Know that World Orientated Men plan to finance themselves in these latter days by 

declaring all the offshore Trusts null and void?

So much for all the knowledge you have learned and the effort you have gone to for the sake of protecting what little wealth you have.!!!
Sure it makes real good sense, to invoke a law to steal all the peoples funds!
Specially when the world bank decides to call up all its loans from the countries with international debt. Just see how much your country is in debt by checking out this USA Government web site. 
Now many of you will be skeptical at these statements and will soon be clicking to get away from this web page of truth. Being skeptical is not a problem, but ignoring all the warning signs and falling headlong is the height of stupidity. 
My only comment here is to prove it to yourself and look at a few more web sites explaining all of this.

Click here to see David Wynn Miller?s web site regarding the takeover.

It is well known that The World system will try to dominate over the Spiritual Laws system.
Now I agree that David has many enemies as promoted on the internet. Even his wife has testimonies against him, but do you notice that his concept of ?The Truth? has not been proven wrong. So often we shoot the messenger and loose the message. He may have trapped himself in the world system advising clients to test his system through the courts to avoid taxation and they have apparently failed. I am not propounding we do that. Our aim is preparation of your Trust Deed so we can stay dry while everyone else gets wet, in case what he says is true.

OK, so what is the problem I have with my Trust Deed?

Statute or corporation law (which by agreeing to, you waive your natural name status!) , has most of us bound up, and under this law they have available the fact that there is NO PROTECTION for documents that write in the fiction. Any document using future tense or using past tense is fiction and not fact which cannot be legislated for. Also mixing upper and lower case is fiction. Such documents are simply declared null and void and all property within such a deed can be confiscated by the Government. There goes your hard earned cash.!
So, wherein does my Trust Deed protection lie?

I am glad you asked that question. You protect your trust assets simply by redrafting your current Trust Deed. We convert it to common law rules. Under any test you can claim natural name status and abide by common law rules. Your signature is signed a certain way using both capitals and lower case, while your trust deed must all be in capitals. At this stage I do not know how a defense would be raised if your trust deed was confiscated except through the international court. At least lets get prepared! There are heaps of rules my program has. All legal documents of any nature MUST be converted to the present tense. The present tense is the only tense that can speak the truth and not fiction. I hear Governments themselves believe this and are getting their own constitutions and laws rewritten in the format of the truth. So my aim is NOT to convince you of the fact but to offer you a solution to your problem.

Moses asked God for His name, so that when the Israelites asked Moses ?who sent you? or in other words ?by what authority? God said, ?tell them  ?I am? sent you, that is my name?.
Isn?t it interesting that our Lord Jesus Christ repeats the phrase and said ?I am, the way, the truth, and the life?. If he is the truth then he is our protection right NOW, right at the present tense. Human problems come only when you divert thoughts or actions to the future (much fear of what if?) or divert to the past (if only I had?) When you run into Jesus you are running into the present tense where he is your ever present security. His word says ?I will never leave you?. To believe any other way is sin and needs repentance. 

How do I fix my documents and trust deeds?

Maybe you can find lawyer who believes in what I am saying and pay up to US$20,000 dollars for them to convert just one Trust deed. A friend of mine got one cheap at $14,000 dollars.
However, I have a computer program to converts deeds automatically that I have written over a period of 18 months.
It parses any trust deed for the incorrect words and replaces them with acceptable font and present tense words. To do this function it takes multiple passes of the document.
Now I will not sell the computer program, but I will offer a very cheap alternative for you, my special clients. 
I am charging only $250 per trust deed conversion. This is CHEAP and needs your urgent attention NOW!
Have you ever heard of the expression ?Walk into the present tense?? No I think not, because when you realize you are misaligned and desire to make the correction, the phrase takes on more urgency, it becomes ?RUN into the present tense?. I encourage you to start now with urgency.  

 I will convert your Trust Deed for you.

Because these documents are highly confidential in nature I will only work with them using PGP email security. This means you will have to copy your word document to your email program and then encode it with PGP encryption and mail it to the email address below after attaching your public PGP key.

So, what are the pre-requisites for converting my trust deed?

OK, The pre-requisites are:-
You must have email and web access. Any site will do, I use email at www.mailvault.com they use beautiful PGP encryption but have not updated their security certificate so if you want to go open a free account just click ?continue? to any web browser red ?not a certified site? message.
You will need PGP encryption which you can get Free from Here. The international version is freeware. Click on ?PGP? then select your operating system.
Sorry I cannot talk you through setting up PGP, you might need to search the web for know how. However I have written a click manual called ?PGP for Dummies? which you can get free by clicking here. It uses ?Word? and is only about 2 pages long so if you get it I suggest you print it out for reference. You will generate your own public and private keys. You sent you public key by attaching it to emails. NEVER send your private key to anyone. When encrypting a message always encrypt using both your own key and the public key of the person you are sending it to.
You may need the program ?OmniPage 15 for A$125?  or ?ABBYY Finereader OCR? to scan your trust deed in OCR and convert your deed to text in ?Word?. 
I will only convert Trust Deeds written in the English language. 

Disclaimer of liability for new deed content.

Its your deed with your phrasing, so I cannot actually change the meaning of what you say, even if you are wrong! By purchasing this product you are saying that NO liability is attaching to me or the product for any omissions, inclusions, or errors which may have slipped the completed result, and NO liability is attaching to me or the product for any person relying upon the contents and out workings of such deed. 
Let the Buyer Beware.
Because I am charging, I really believe the completed result will conform in every way to the Truth Requirements, however I make NO claims regarding the accuracy or not of the finished result.
It would seem prudent that the automated conversion be thoroughly checked out by yourself before re-registering the newly signed Deed.
Warning:- The new deed can confuse the legal brains, because this is not how they have been educated and trained to think, so don't expect any cohesive help from going to your normal solicitor.

Steps to purchase your trust deed in the new format.

START by downloading PGP if you don?t have it, and create your own Key on your keyring. 
Download MY Public PGP key to YOUR keyring. Click here get the key in your browser, then click on EDIT, then SELECT ALL, then COPY, then right click on your PGPtray icon and select ?Add key from clipboard ? this will now add my public key to your keyring.
Create a ?Word? document of your Trust Deed in text format. Either by scanning it with Omnipage to convert OCR to text, or by typing it in (heaven forbid). 
Select your Email program, create a new message with the  Word document and encrypt it using yours and my keys, attach your public key, and send the secure email to me at the address at the bottom of this page.  
Pay by Paypal as below, its free to use, even if you have no account with them. I will email you back to say I am finished  and I will send the NEW Trust Deed by encrypted email back to you.
Please allow a week for processing. 
After you receive the new deed, please email me again to say you have it so I can delete all references to you and it from my systems.

OK, I have prepared myself as above, now lets get it done:-

PAY BY PAYPAL. (Visa or Master Card). Even if you don't have a PayPal Account.
Note; The name appearing on your payment will be ?Reigning1?. 
We will send you a receipt confirmation by email.

Click Below to purchase via a secure link.

You pay only A$250 
Convert Trust Deeds to the Truth
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