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Explaining the Spreadsheet

1. This spreadsheet is mainly designed for any ACN Agent.

2. You simply ask the potential customer for his emailed bill, enter the green figures only and hey Presto, just email him back the completed PDF Printout of his home plan and alternatives when changing to ACN.

3. But it is even easier than that. Just scan the total columns and ring him his totals under ?Current? and your cheapest offering.

4. If you don't have a cheaper option then tell him to stay with the current supplier. (People love honesty)

5. In the example shown below the customer would save $19.18 per month or $230 per year on his home phone calls, after changing to the $59cap plan.

6. Now for filling in the green fields. Just copy most figures direct from the Telstra Bill. Add your own most suitable cap plans.

7. Copy the monthly Plan rate quoted NOT what is actually charged.

8. The detailed part is adding up the minutes for STD or Mobiles.

9. FORGET the SECONDS column. don't add these, they are already priced in.

10. Eg1. A 3min STD call is added as 3 on the 1-8 line and 0 on all other lines.

11. Eg2. A 13 min STD call is added as 8 on the 1-8 line and as 3 on the 9-11 line and as 3 on the 10min cap line and 0 on other lines.

12. Eg3. A 32min STD call is added as 8 on 1-8 line as 3 on 9-11 line as 22 on 10min cap line and as 2 on 30min cap line. 0 on 120min cap line.

13. Eg4. A 9min Mobile call is added as 5 on the 1-5 line and as 2 on the 6-7 line with 0 in all other lines. (It looks wrong with 2 missing minutes but trust me!)

14. The Initial outlay for a Video phone is spread over 12 months. I guess you could have just as easily made this 24 months but Im trying to cater for the few who will break contract so justifying the cost within one year.

15. Your Current Internet line charge is NOT included in these tables for either Telstra or ACN.

Past Problems with Phone Plans

1. Each Telephone company tell us they are the Best.

2. Many Phone companies are gunning for your business.

3. It appears that we are being bombarded with confusion as to all the phone options available.

4. The packages make it even more confusing to decide on what is right for me.

5. Cheapest is Good.

Text Box: Why Past Problems are easily overcome
ACN Agents simply say I will prove to you our Plan is Cheapest. Ask for last months Phone Bill.
Many companies offer to take the last month phone bill and work it all out for you, BUT I have yet to see one convincingly prove a better bottom line. There is always the Buts!
Hence, our ACN / Telstra comparison spreadsheet which runs as Excel on your own computer. This will tie the sales knot.
You are comparing ACN plans but your current supplier does not need to be Telstra, but we know that all the information needed to make the spreadsheet work is shown on the Telstra monthly Bill. (Provided that the customer has not thrown away the detailed back pages.)
Please remember that the ACN Video phone plan involves a new phone number and only allows one incoming extension which is NOT available for ringout. This phone plan also requires the continued use of the Internet line which is not costed into the comparison chart as it has already been justified and paid. Upgrades to Video speed of say 1500kps may be required.

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Compare ACN Home Phone Plans
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Text Box: Your Spreadsheet will pretty much look like the one below.
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